Buying Used Car Parts


Tips for Do it Yourself Junkyard Shopping

With our economy in such dire straights, people are searching for ways to stretch their budgets. Some are turning to avenues they have never traveled before. As they search for ways to extend their hard earned dollar, junk yard shopping will see a surge of “new” customers for “old” parts.

The seasoned junkyard shopper knows all the best locations, the best picks, and what the procedures are for getting all of those good car parts. Those new to the “do-it-yourself” junkyard scouring should do their homework, and make sure they are up for the task. If you are a hands on person, are familiar with car repairs and don’t mind getting dirty, junkyard shopping can be a profitable and fun adventure.

Some junkyards strip their own parts and have them on shelves in a big warehouse. You purchase them at a counter, just like a new auto parts store. Some of them have employees that will go “pull your part” from a vehicle when you order it. While some may think this is a great idea, and will save them some work, it may not be the best way to insure getting a good part.

“Pick your own part” type junkyards are getting more and more popular. At these yards, you take in your own tools and search for the type car that has the part you need. Most of these yards are well organized and an employee will tell you where to find the particular type car you are looking for.

Why go trampling around to find and remove your own part, when another place will do it for you? Because you are able to see the vehicle it is on. Seeing the vehicle can help insure whether the part is good or not. Look the vehicle over before you start wrenching. Does the engine look relatively clean, or is it one big mess of oil and grease?

Look in the interior to see if it appears to have been taken care of. If the overall appearance looks neglected and shabby, walk away and find another vehicle. If the car was not cared for in the past, chances are that the parts are old and worn. If the vehicle has had parts already removed, check to see how they were removed. Some people will rip and tear and beat and bang to get to the part they need. They may have damaged what was left behind, or made it harder for you to get to the part you need.

Once you find the vehicle you want to “pick” from, remember to be courteous to the next person who may need parts. Remove the part as if this was your vehicle. If you need to remove other parts to get to what you want, do it correctly and lay them to the side. Not only is this helpful to the next person, it also helps you to “practice” how to remove the part, before you start on your own vehicle.

Junkyard shopping can save a lot of money, and don’t forget to look around while you are there. You just might find those great chrome wheels you always wanted at a really reduced price!